Six tips when viewing a property

Six tips when viewing a property

If you are looking for a new home, arranging viewings and taking time out of your day to look around a property is not only essential but also stressful and time-consuming. These tips will make sure you get the most out of your viewings and help with your decision making.

Don’t rush

Make sure you have allowed enough time to have a proper look round and get a feel for the property. Your instincts may kick in straight away; however, you may change your mind on reflection. Choose a time of day to view the property that does not mean having to rush off afterwards. If you are considering making an offer, always view the property more than once and at different times of the day.


Whatever your reasons for buying a property, always consider any additional potential investment opportunities that can make a difference in the future, such as extending. Even if this is not something you are considering straight away, it will add value to the property.

Check what is included

Make sure you are clear as to which outside areas belong to the property and check any loft and garage space. Don’t forget to discuss whether the white goods are staying.


If you are planning to make any structural changes or do extensive redecoration work, check whether you need permission and get quotes so that you can take this into account when calculating your budget. A young couple managed to save enough money for a deposit by cutting down on going out and being more money-conscious.

Once your offer has been accepted, you will need to organise a property survey, such as home buyers survey London, and arrange conveyancing through a company such as


Location is the most important thing when buying a new home. Check out the area before making any offers and visit local pubs and shopping areas. Research the local transport links and make contact with local schools if you are moving with your family or planning a family. If you are moving to a town, always check the parking regulations and whether you have a private parking space.


One thing that is becoming more and more important if the strength of a property’s broadband and mobile networks, especially in more rural areas. It is definitely worth researching this.