Tips to Improve your sale by using Social Media

Smart retailers never advertise their Super Sunday sales only on TV. They also use the Social Media Marketing strategies to help their business to grow. And in the holidays, they use it even more. Social Media is always growing. And you are assured to reach thousands of people who may turn up to be your potential customers in the coming days.

 Social media marketing is always cheaper than that of the offline media. It does not cost much time too. Plus, you can reach your future potential buyers fast. And that will help you to adjust your business strategy accordingly to them in the upcoming days.

  Here are some tips on social media marketing that’ll help you make your business grow.

  • Use the same hashtag: – Hashtags in social media can even start a movement. That is how important they are. There are many businesses out there who use hashtags to sell their product. When you want to stand out from them, you need hashtags. It helps you show up first in hashtag searches by your potential customers. Choose a variety of hashtags like #holidaysales or #Supersales and another distinctive hashtag to highlight your business’s focus. Once you’ve got your combination of hashtags, stick to them in all the social media platforms you use.
  • Flash sales: – Flash sales are a great way of driving sales. It creates a feeling of urgency in the mind of your customers. Offer them special prices on your products for a short period. Announce it on your social media handle before a few weeks but don’t tell the actual day or time. It will ensure that customers will be checking your feeds to see when it’ll take place. Well when you hold the sale, be prepared for heavy traffic in your site.
  • Offer Coupons: – Offer Coupons to your customers. Avail a coupon code for those who have liked your page on Facebook or have followed you on Instagram or Twitter. Offer them a special price on your products especially in holidays. These will draw more likes or followers and will bring in more customers. DealVoucherz sent these holiday coupons to all their followers with a hashtag of #holidaysales to ensure that the promotion has reached a large number of people.
  • Pin contests: – Some businesses are still confused about how to use Pinterest to their favour. No matter you own a business page for months or years, you can always run a contest. A contest that will provide a ten per cent discounts to those who enters with a coupon code. Ask your customers to pin their most desired items from your catalogue page on board. Then you can pick a winner at random and give them a product for free. By doing this, you get engaged with not only the followers but also the people who are watching the Pinterest contestants’ board.Tips to Improve your sale by using Social Media
  • Promote free shipping: – In the holidays, people prefer to buy things online rather than offline. Provide free shipping service to those who will order by clicking on a particular link given on your Facebook or Twitter handle. You’ll be amazed by the number of likes and followers. Moreover, this will even boost your sales.
  • Go Mobile: – Most of the people nowadays access their social media accounts with their mobiles than that of their desktops. More people use Facebook on their smartphones rather than their PCs. You don’t want that your customer gets annoyed with a slow, non-mobile friendly site, where browsing takes time right? Then go for a mobile-friendly site as soon as possible. If you don’t have much technical knowledge, find a mobile commerce provider who will do it for you.
  • Post pictures: – Your product is more likely to get more response especially on Facebook when you post a picture along with words and hashtags. Make sure that your fans like and share your posts more. Facebook has made a new algorithm. Each time someone comments on a post, it will repost a link. Even more, likes to mean more people will see it on their friend’s news feeds. So, make sure you post a photo of your product every time you promote.
  • Try new websites: – There are some websites which build hypes for upcoming products, websites and more. It integrates with your social media account and runs it can bring a new level of exposure to your business.

  As mentioned, Social media is getting bigger and better every passing day. If you haven’t used the social media marketing strategies already, you must have missed a considerable number of potential buyers till now. But with these simple tips, you can help your business grow faster.