Top Women’s Wardrobe Styles

When building up the perfect wardrobe, shirts and dresses should always be a major consideration. There are some essentials that no wardrobe should be without, and these shirts and dresses should be on your list every time.

While there are some guidelines for dressing for specific occasions, there are fewer for choosing shirts that will become wardrobe staples. So to help you out, we’ve narrowed down the shirts and a dress that you need to own.

Keep It Simple with a T-Shirt

Every women needs a plain white t-shirt with a great cut of excellent quality and that looks good with a pair of jeans or suit pants. It may sound like a basic item, but in reality there are plenty of considerations when it comes to choosing a white t-shirt. Neckline, sleeves, fit and length are all important, and you should find the t-shirt that makes you look and feel fabulous.

Cute Camisoles

Camisoles can be worn on their own if you are a bit daring, but they are also perfect for popping on under sheer tops or ones that may feel a little too revealing. Camisoles have come back in fashion, and no one should be without one. Whether it serves a purpose as lingerie or as a top on its own, a cute cami is a must-have item. Colourful or patterned camis are also perfect for adding interest to an otherwise plain outfit, and the available options are almost limitless.


A key consideration to a stylish wardrobe is a dress as these can be worn to most occasions if the weather allows.  One type that is very popular is Prom Dresses which can be found at

Button-Down Shirts

A button-down shirt is also a wardrobe staple, and whether you prefer something more masculine or you opt for something more feminine, this item is crucial to a complete wardrobe. Button-down shirts are great for looking smart, and there are so many different styles, colours and patterns to choose from that they don’t have to be boring.

Top Women's Wardrobe Styles

In-Vested Interests

Fitted vests are also another wardrobe staple that no woman should be without. Rather than gym-style attire, fitted vests can work well under a jacket and can take you from casual to slightly more formal. Vests can also be dressed up beautifully, and a few accessories can do wonders. Just as with t-shirts, vests come in an array of styles, and you don’t have to stick to the most simple to make a statement!