We all hesitate about the safety of our loved ones and our assets. Life is uncertain, and it is not truly possible to live from the worries of any error-driven threats or unforeseen natural.  As the industrial and machinery parts are getting more hard, the need to keep things in control is rising more than ever. To stop any unfortunate event of accidental or fire damage, you must use new age technology tools and auto parts.kp-lok.com

One of the newest development in industrial tools to stop any bad event due to fire is the beginning of safe fire valves. These safe valves are designed to stop from spreading or changing into a life risk if the fuel valve gets destroyed or produces a leakage.

The safe fire valves compose spring loaded valves which are thermally actuated. In fire issue, these close mechanically and prevent the energy flow. The energy flow from a crankcase of the machine and the supply of reserve oil gets hindered, thus decreasing the possibilities of leakage.

Stopping the flow of energy such as petrol, gas, oil and other combustibles, these spring packed valves proves to be extremely effective and helpful against any damage. The advantages of using fire safe valves is a system are:

  • Protection of environment
  • Protection of equipment
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Protection of life or personnel
  • Stop oil supply from feeding a fire

It is because of these benefits and advantages that the use of these valves is very advised and appreciated. These days, a number of firms provide a big range of fire safe valves which offer amazing protection even in top temperature and high force conditions.

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You can pick valves appropriate for oil, petroleum, gas and other combustible fuels. The fire price valves is not very superior than the non-fire safe, making them the best substitute over the old options. You can make sure safety of your tool and the workers around them, by opting for a safe valve for your business tools and machinery.


How fire safe valves work

There are 2 type of leak that we want to reject when a valve is exposed to fire (after and before the fire), leakage from the stem and leakage from the seat. There are 2 techniques to get a fire safe design, by using a fire-proof part or by using a non fire proof part but supported by a unique design that will stop leakage after the part is melt.

The primary method to get a fire safe design by using a fire-proof part generally is referring as an inherently fire safe valve. Generally, this kind of valve is a metal seated valve by using a graphite stem packing and graphite seat insert. By using graphite as a stem packing and seat insert, the graphite will remain stand even after fire exposure. The next technique to get a fire safe design by using a non fire proof part generally is referring to fire tested valve.